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Austin, TX. Co-Lab Project Space       

Albuquerque, NM. SCA Contemporary

Bethany Delahunt with photographs by Jason Reed

Survey/Surveil explores the visual rhetoric and psychogeography of the U.S./Mexico border through video, interactive sculpture, performance, photography, and appropriated imagery. The exhibition is the product of a primarily discursive collaboration between Texas based artist, Jason Reed and New Mexico based artist, Bethany Delahunt. Their interests lie in the construction of border identity by the public and media, notions of otherness, the land as a surveyed/surveilled space, methods and expressions of exchange and the game of us vs. them that is played out daily along the line.

We have built an installation that shifts the context of looking and invites reflection on what is being seen and by whom. Within the space, we also invite interaction within real and constructed situations, illuminating how seductive it is to engage in the games of watching and hiding.

Ultimately this exhibition reflects our shared effort to use art as a means to pose significant social questions about borders, ways of looking, immigration, smuggling, and modes of representation.Through participation we work to provide viewers an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives and methods of exchange-- to watch and to be watched.

The Push - cardboard, candy, wood, drywall, performance

Watch Tower  - surveillance optics, live video feed, televisions, wood

Heading 1

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